We are a team of dedicated multi-media content creation specialists with a passion for empowering our customers to project their branding to their respective audiences and niche markets.


Live streaming Contents Productions provide an excellent opportunity for our customers to showcase their brands to target audiences.

Lightsonic will provide a one-stop, integrated approach to conceptualize, plan and execute the live streaming in accordance to the needs of the customer and the target audience.

A product and service reflect the spiritual culture of a company.  We firmly believe that behind the well-designed TVC or corporate video which LightSonic is one of the expertise to produce, all brandings require more in-depth talking points of each product and service in a program show case format.

LightSonic hence provide a platform for our clients to have their own series of “Programs” to be shown in all possible social media platform such as Youtube, Facebooks and more.

Show Format:

Each series of program can be of

1 episode

3 episodes

5 episodes

The shows are in principle presented in a chat show format, in which it could be a storyteller of the brand itself from the clients, or a invited host that run the show and chat with the co-host from the brand, or it could be a group chat show to feature different themes of topic in every episode.

1. Duration of master full episode each: 15 to 20 minutes (YouTube Channel)
2. Each episode will be cut to 2-3 shorts each of 5-8 min (YouTube Channel)
3. The links of the Master Shows and its short version may be placed on Facebook and IG too.
4. All the above will be launched in light sonic media social media.
5. The entire package will be uploaded to clients social media too at their discretion and needs.

Multi-Camera Green Studio

LightSonic provide a multi-camera studio with green scenery, allowing customers to present multiple episodes of video under a virtual or real time-space visual effect, which is equivalent to the production in a broadcast studio.

LightSonic provide on location coverage of clients production line, business premises, or even events activities to be featured in the chat shows or stand alone video.

We can provide an remote interview recording for all interviewees that station oversee or who are not able to be in our studio while the chat shows are conducted.


We are always geared to provide a One-Stop-Solution for your esteem brandings of different treatment.

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